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Shanghai Lighting Appliance Co., a leading exporter from China.We can supply agricultural & gardening machine , such as: Tractor, Gasoline Generator, Gasoline Engine, Water Pump, Premium Washer, all kinds of Tractor, Engine and Generator etc. We offer products from the best and most experienced factories in China with approved ISO9001 and OECD,EPA,CARB,CE,GS,etc.We work closely with these factories to offer quick delivery and quality service to our customers. We can help you stock a parts warehouse with quality factory parts for dealer service after the sale. If you are a distributor or dealer, please ask about our program to help build a parts warehouse for your company...
Address:No. 19, Zhongshan Road, Jiaxing City
Tel: +86-769-83521388
Fax: +86-769-83521488
E-Mail:[email protected]
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